I am a dual Finnish-American citizen, born in Alaska and raised in California. In high school, I spent one year in Finland as an exchange student where I developed a deep and lasting interest in the history of Finland and Russia.

I earned my BA from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2013. My undergraduate thesis “Surviving on the Interface: How Being Between Two Civilizations Paved the Path for a Relationship between the Estonians and the Maris and Why this Matters Today” about the post-Soviet relationship between the linguistically related Estonians and Maris of Russia ended up winning four awards, including the highest award for undergraduate research at the university.

I completed my MA at Indiana University in 2016. My MA thesis “Shifting Religious Boundaries: Colonial Power, Modernism, and the Re-urbanization of Traditional Volga-Ural Life (1552-1917)” won the Russian and Eastern European Institute’s Armstrong Award for the best graduate-level Russia-related research. My research utilized many Russian-language primary and secondary sources.

Having earned my MA last summer, I decided to move to Estonia to do freelance work as an English proofreader and Russian to English translator. Since August I have been a volunteer translator for the news website Mari Uver, which deals with the Mari ethnic group in Russia’s Volga region. As a translator and proofreader, my specialties include religion, ethnicity, and nationalism, but I am fully capable of doing other proofreading and translating work too. I look forward to putting my skills, enthusiasm, and close attention to detail at your service.